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  • Indoor tree ???

    Chamaecyparis / Hinoki cypress are they kepet well indoors with the right amount of sunlight watering ??? or will my tree be better off outside in my cortyard ? Any help would be much apreshated thank you. Dean.
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on May 5, 2008
  • Blue Jacaranda and Red Sandalwood

    A few years ago, I was tooling around the 'net, looking to expand my then-tiny bonsai collection.. I found a few sites/eBay sellers claiming that both Blue Jacaranda and Red Sandalwood made for good indoor specimens. I'm finding very little information to either support or refute these claims.. I...
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on March 31, 2008
  • looking for indoor bonsai recommendations

    Hi, I am new to Bonsai trees. I just purchased a Juniper. I am looking for recommendations for a inside bonsai tree. Thanks for the help.
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on March 30, 2008
  • Looking for suggestions - indoor/fruiting/full

    Hi there! I've been searching around galleries and sites, and tyring to determin from reading, but I'm coming up not sure I'm finding what I'm looking for.. That being: I'm looking to grow my first bonsai, likely from seed because I surprisingly am not finding any bonsai places in Toronto with...
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on March 24, 2008
  • Neem Tree? I don't think so...

    Bought this interesting looking tree / plant when I was at the local garden centre today (it was on a table with herbs on one end and a few sickly looking bonsai on the other - dare I call them that???). The tag calls it a neem tree but when I looked it up on the web I could not find any pictures...
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on March 20, 2008
  • Chinese Elm, Sub-Tropical to Temperate

    I have been practicing bonsai for 5 almost 6 years, but in the comfort of Florida's sub-tropical climate. I am moving up to Minnesota this early summer and I want to slowly start bringing my collection with me. I have 3 Chinese elms that I absolutely adore and I want to do what's best for their...
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on March 19, 2008
  • Delonix Regia Air Layering Experiment

    Okay, I'm currently growing two Delonix Regia "Royal Poinciana" and have decided that I let them get WAY too tall ;).. I started them from seed about 8 months ago and they now have over a foot of bare trunk. The first 8 or so inches has very nice taper, but after that it is kinda messy. I was going...
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on March 14, 2008
  • Watering fired clay?

    I have just potted some of my plants in fired clay (some 100%, some 50/50 with bark) as per a few articles I've read here and other places. It drains well, really well. The problem I'm really having with it as a beginner is how to tell when to water again. With soil, you can really feel the...
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on March 10, 2008
  • How long for results?

    I've got an indoor ficus that I have just re-potted in an orchid mix. I bought it a week ago and got some advice to put it in a new pot, so I did. Anyway, the new mix seems to drain really, really well. Almost to...
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on February 25, 2008
  • new growth for banyan fig and fukien tea

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and would like your input on 2 of my bonsai. These 2 I just received via mail a couple of weeks ago, and they went through some obvious cold. A banyan fig and a fukien. The leaves and most of their branches turned black. The fukien has started putting back out...
    Posted to BonsaiTalk (Weblog) by Anonymous on February 16, 2008
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