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bon·sai (bone-sigh) n.

Etymology: Japanese, literally, tray planting; a potted plant (as a tree) dwarfed and trained to an artistic shape by special methods of culture

Also: the art of growing such a plant

Plural: bonsai

Bonsai calligraphy by Eri Takase

Desert Rose pre-trim 8/26/05

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Desert Rose pre-trim 8/26/05
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When I put her on a turntable on August 26, 2005, I noticed that there was some sort of white fuzzy spots underneath a couple leaves. I tried to investigate to see what the problem was, and it seemed to be aphids, and the solution seemed to be using a commercial pest treatment. The only treatment I had in the house was Schultz Expert Gardener Houseplants & Gardens Insect Spray, which is made from chrysanthemum flowers, so I sprayed the leaves as per the directions, and snipped a few of the bigger leaves.


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